For Hair Stylists

Color Camouflage

(as seen in March 2009 LaunchPad Magazine)

Recession-proof your color services while upping your retail sales with
MimicColor Cosmetic Hair Color Touch-up!

Keep your guests coming to you for professional hair color!

Many people, especially those who come into the salon every two and a half to three weeks, are concerned about the expense of salon coloring. Rather than giving up their professional color service altogether, they can extend time between visits by a week or so with MimicColor. Guests save time and money, look great, and still benefit from your professional touch and expertise. As a beauty professional your guest is your best advertisement, why not have them looking their best everyday with MimicColor.

MimicColor is designed to supplement salon color applications not replace them. This is a temporary cosmetic cover-up. It stays in place until shampooed out.

Use it only where the grey shows. MimicColor is used at the temples, part, and hairline during the early stages of new growth. Perfect add-on service for those event styles that are in between color appointments!

MimicColor is easy to use:

  • Comes in a handy compact.
  • Brushes on cleanly with no drippy mess, drying time, or scent.
  • Natural wax-based and water-proof, so you can work out, sweat, and it won’t smear.
  • Won’t rub off on pillow or clothing.
  • Looks and feels natural.
  • Shampoos out easily